March 19, 2010

Girl's Thing Affected Blog Topic

The three colourful Na-O-Mei s

I dont know how to define this entry but it's actually a global discussion topic with relationship to desperate housewives and Francisca Peter, but pls bear in mind, this topic doesn't has any relationship to that TV3 comedy slot which equals to Senario ... but in fact it is a real 'scenario' in girl's life.

Sumtimes, it is pretty hard to talk about some topics during this mood disorder period but it can be nutting when the same topic is on-air during that normal time. Nobody knows actually what I felt when somebody asked : do u have children? or Kenapa u xde baby lagi?? Adoi.

How should I answer that for u when I am actually in need of help?? I pretty cannot help myself with this kinda question ... even during my 'holy period'. U are not me. And I know, u don't like berok Bang Bang Boom to come rite? So just mind ur own bisnes enough la ok!

Who knows how much heavy goods I ever carried during my after graduation time to pursue life in city? Who knows how much pain I went through during this period? Do u ever ask about that? Ya, u don't even know. And ya, u don't even wanted to know. So pls go away with that Q!~tQ.

Sorry if it's a bit harsh for u but actually u deserved it. This is what we call beyond my control and it's because u asked for it. It kicks u to sit back and think. Sapa xnak baby kan?

To me, every month is an emotional rollercoaster when I always end up feeling depressed and guilty over the way I've treated people during this monthly combo. That's my monthly routine. And it's become my monthly frustrating slot after I got married. So beware of ur mouth!

Huh, so bad hah ... I'll ignore my bad mood and pain during my work time. That's professional enough ok (lallala). But to tell u the truth, I can't finish off my paper work when it attacks. This is one of my reason on why I need to catch up work on Saturday. So esok aku nak g opis siapkan keje.

By all means, I am happy to be a girl. Remember this sweet words - Emotions are the color of ur soul - they are spectacular and incredible. When you don’t feel, the world becomes dull and colorless. Painful and bad emotions are also the variety colors to ur life and they come with the good ones to beautify ur colourful life.

That's the secret of why I am still here smiling to u. The words are more powerful than panadol from that Guardian Pharmacy! It kisses u to smile =)

P/s : Rasa nak menangis bila dengar lagu frust Dua Jiwa Satu Hati Kump Legacy, rasa nak marah bila tengok pinggan xbasuh kat sinki, rasa nak shuffle bila terpijak lipas di kaki =P

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