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 Introducing Us - The Mastermind of Dfchannel

Hi, this is our homepage. DF is our trademark, which stand for our names - Diha Fitri. We have been in love train since 25th May 2007. As we go online with love 24/7, we have created one ordinary but very mistic blog to warm our love relationship with technology-Dfchannel.Yahoo!

Sometimes it is hard to introduce ourselves as we know ourselves so well that we do not know where to start with. Let us give a try to see what kind of image you have about us through ourselves-description. We hope that our impression about ourselves and your impression about us are not so different. Here it goes.

We are the person who are very well like the natural surroundings but we have to live at a place where there is so much metropolis' noise - Klang Valley. There are many things that we like to do, to see, and to experience. We like travelling, we like driving, we like bowling, we like dreaming, we like jogging, and we like prosperity burger. We do watching almost all horror movies. We enjoy indie band music. And last but not least, we like to smell the fragrance coming from the Airwick. Hee...

So, this is a tiny introduction of ourselves. If you are interested in knowing more, do read our blog and take a look at our pictures. Do not expect too much, just keep your sense of humor. We would be much grateful if you could share something with us. So, keep in touch. Enjoy!

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