June 23, 2009

New Assignment For Team Pemburu Hantu

tangkap hantu

Team Pemburu Hantu is definitely still relevant today. One fact that everybody should agree when telly is merrily presenting so many horror dramas such as Keliwon, Jangan Pandang Belakang and Di Alam Lain nowadays.

Besides tracking senior cases like Mona Fandey ... They will have another very latest assignment next when a girl's body was stumbled at the Za'ba hostel parking lot, UKM Bangi, yesterday.

As usual, police will noted this case as a normal case with logical stereo-type standard answer - She might have fallen from the balcony of her room on the fourth floor.

In the meantime, her colleague accused that this was a mystery creepy tragedy. She was chased by a banshee before she fell from the balcony. Full report at Siswi UKM maut dikejar 'lembaga' - http://www.bharian.com.my/

So here come the task for the three ghostbusters to investigate the case more on the paranormal wise. Good luck. =P

Note : Ecah, your ex-college was not Za'ba, right? Hihihi ...

1 comment:

shasinchan said...

za'ba tu kolej br akak..
biasala kan..
kiy pun ada 'benda'..
tmbh2 kolej br..
so,klu dikatakan siswi tu kena kjr dgn 'bnda' tu..
i truely beleive it with all my heart..