June 21, 2009

Barking At The Wrong Tree

This month of June was quite a busy month for me as I have to work mostly the whole weeks. This was due to the target from top management which they have decided to finish up handover all the projects to the residents before end of this year. Consequently every Sunday on this month, my little I have to attend JMB (Joint Management Body) meeting!~

Obviously, Sunday is the day where everybody unanimously agrees for a late wake up day. But I have to take refreshment such early in the morning, put aside the aromatheraphy of my bantal busuk which is to be frank, it's a pretty challenge thing to do when the frogs are still merrily sleeping ... *lallala

So today, I have to rush to another meeting at Pangsapuri Aman (a low-cost flat) at Puchong. It took about 20 minutes to go there from my station. I have to depart as early at 7.30 a.m in order to reach there by 8.00 o'clock.

As we were a small team, so everybody did not mind committed to do multi-tasking. So here come the historical memory when I was tickled by a woman.

The situation happened when I was at the secretariat post. On the spur of the moment, I was approached by a free-hair woman aged around early 30's. She asked me :

Minah tu : Kat sini boleh tak saya nak buat complain? (In a loud voice + angry manner)

Customer service orientedly, I answered, "Kat sini kita cuma buat pendaftaran untuk meeting, kalo nak complain pape bole datang office ..."

Minah tu : Ha, bagusla ... bagusla ... bagus sgt lah tu ...

*My clique and I perasan jap*

*Ingat ke btol2 bagus ... Tiba -tiba ...

Minah tu : Kalau macam tu baik xpayah meetingla, hape pun xboleh complain ... Nah, ambik balik surat korang! Semalam dekat belakang sana ada orang minum arak mabuk2 ... pastu bergaduh ... berbunuh2! Korang kat sini langsung xbuat hape pun ... bla ... bla ... bla ...

Deep inside my heart, "Eh, sejak bila kami ni jadi polis? Ka aku pakai baju macam uniform polis?

Suddenly Nabil replied, "Memang taklah, ko pakai baju kuning ... Ni confirm sakit ..."

*Huhuhu ... thanks Nabil.

The Minah rebuked us for two minutes before she walked away from the scene ...

*Slamaat ...

Luckily, we weren't having anymore scripts with that Minah meroyan, if not ... hmmp ... wasting time!

Actually this was the only case I've ever experience after several meetings - Our team was wrongly translated as a team of police officer!

Another my first experience was, the COB from MPSJ did not turned up for the meeting. Maybe she had lost to the Amazon Rainforest with her bantal busuk. =P

Adeh, aku pun rasa nak meroyan. The end.

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shasinchan said...

biasala..itulah yg akan kita hadapi bila deal dgn customer..
itu br barking mcm tu..
blm lg kena mencarut and sumpah seranah...