August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday My Notty Husband

kek birthdayMy birthday is 14th April, his birthday is also 14th...but in different month, his is August. That's how we create our favourite number, the precious fourteen (14)!~

I want to wish my hubby, tolerant and heroic soul that he is, a very happy birthday.

My dear sweet hubby. I truly love you today. (I love you everyday, ok...but today is extra special! Hihi....)

My hubby is pretty much the everything that makes my everywhere better. He’s my sweet tea in the morning and my teddy bear at night. He’s the one who laughs courteously at all my 'poyo' jokes and the one who waits patiently while I laugh at them myself. He’s my specialist special, and my most beloved.

And today is the day he was born. It’s an important day. His birthday is the same day as my younger sister was born. I think that’s special!

What are the characters of my LEO :

The bright side
The bright side of Leo is very bright indeed, "sunny side up" they are very much attuned to the life giving properties of our Sun itself. The typical Leo is flamboyant and generous with tremendous charm and a magnanimous spirit. The fixed quality of this sign does help to restrain a large dose of over-exuberance. Leos are loyal, self assured, hard working, and great organisers (only if they can be boss!)
Creative, generous, enthusiastic, organized (if bothered), broad minded, expansive, dramatic.

The dark side (Not the knee/elbow part, ok!)

The dark side of Leo creeps out usually when they are, (or think that they are) being ignored. Sulking results when they are not the absolute centre of attention. Leo will drum up some scene both good and bad to get attention, any attention! Leos can be very self opinionated, bombastic, and overbearing. One of Leos most noted traits is too much pride, leading to pomposity and snobbery. The other noted negative trait is being far to touchy, touchy about everything. When Leos pride and feelings are hurt the temperature drops, they become very touchy and retire to their throne.
Proud, jealous (sibling rivalry starts here), vain, bullying (what!), pompous, snobbish, intolerant, dogmatic, stubborn, patronising, egotistical, conceited. (Menakotkan! Pls don't)

Backache, palpitations, fainting, blood disorders, fevers, dizziness heart problems, pill-popping. (Alhamdulillah, he won't need Weight Gain!)

Beneficial foods
Oranges and peas. (He doesn't like oranges, is Sunquick will do?)

The most compatible with

Gemini - full of laughter. (I don't think so, how can u love a clown!)
Aries - memorable. (it's me, forever!)
Cancer - loving. (I kill u, cancer girl!)
Libra - great fun. (I'll be there too!)
Capricorn - it will be short, but sweet. (I'll make sure it will never happen!)

Absolutely no chance! (Sorry, k!~)
Scorpio - a clash of the big egos.
Virgo - a difficult match.
Leo - a battle of the wills.
Aquarius - difficult but entertaining!

It's proven, what more can you ask? Happy birthday sweetheart! You rock my world!


-ummu amin- said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Fitri! Nampak sedaplah kek tuh... amin nak sket boleh?? :) -amin-

both of you have an unique DOB laa.. dahlah sama haribulan.. month pun multiply by 2jer.. diha 4fitri 8.. insyaAllah panjang jodoh.. -ummu amin-

leo said...

Tq amin..alahai kek tu dah abis la..len kali la uncle belanja amin makan kek yer..meh nk cobit pipi tu sikit makin tembam yer..heheh

InsyaAllah mintak di doakan kami di panjangkan jodoh dan berbahagia selalu..same also to both of u..Happy Anniversary coming soon!~