August 12, 2008

Pleasant Experience at HP Service Centre

notebookHi, this is the story of not to complain about Damansara HP Service Center but to reward them with their excellence service delivery.

Last week my hubby sent his sister's notebook to service center to repair. I'm sure the problem is the motherboard or display, coz it is the common problem with this model series. The notebook is still under warranty period. It gave the symptom of no display when turned it on, only the leds were light on.

This service centre is located at HP Towers, Bukit Damansara. It is quite far to travel from Shah Alam to the center at Damansara Heights when the traffic along the road is very well famous with heavy mode. My husband was trapped in traffic jam and when he arrived at the destination, his mood was a bit purple plus grey. Huh!~

Luckily, when my husband arrived at the HP service center, there's no parking problem. HP has their own reserved parking specially for their customers. In addition, it's zero RM. I think, this is a pretty good effort of HP to service their customers at it's best as you all know, that the HP Tower is always full in parking and the charges imposed is quite high.

As my husband stepped right in front of the entrance door with a lappy bag hold tightly on his shoulder, a service staff approached him with a warmest welcome greeting and asked him for any help. And then, without wasting any minutes, he lended his hand to carry the notebook and brought my husband to the help desk. After a short introduce and registration, they promised to give him a call after they have checked the notebook.

The day after, my husband got a phone call from the engineer, "Mr. Faizal", he told that the notebook was ready to pick up. It was the system board problem. What a surprised! They managed to tackle the notebook's problem with not even more than 48hrs. Very productive!

When my husband came again to collect the notebook, he smiled again for the best service that he received. Even at the very in front entrance of the office. Before he can brought back the lappy, they'd allow my husband to test the laptop along with them. After it is proven working then only he can bring back the lappy home.

After my hubby experienced, I can say that HP's service in Malaysia is great.

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