April 11, 2010

Bangkok Taste Damansara Perdana

Halal Restaurant

We ♥ Sunday. Sunday is like a day when we will go having some beautiful life outside our "bed paradise" to a place where we call "food paradise". Yes, the day when Im away from my kitty kitchen!

Unlike any other Malay Snow White =P, actually I love cooking (from the bottom of my heart, huhu). Lately I pretty enjoy cooking on weekdays for my Fitri. Just a simple dinner for my loved one - A dish of sambal udang, bendi goreng, chicken paprik, kailan masak sos tiram or ikan 3 rasa! As simple as that! His compliment actually motivates me to cook everyday.

As today we call it a couple retreat day, Fitri brings me out for a lunch date!

We had a fancy lunch at a real taste of Thai food place namely Bangkok Taste Restaurant at Damansara Perdana. We recommend this place to all Thai food-lovers out there.

The speciality of this restaurant is - it places high importance on healthy foods. Therefore they don't use "Ajinomoto" or any other MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) products in cooking.

These are the menu that we eat. Yummy!~

I took,

Green tea for my diet ... (RM2.00)

And Nasik Goreng USA for my undiet menu ... =P (RM9.50)

I accidentally picked this menu after my 1st choice, Nasik Goreng Ketam was not available. To me, it's just a so - so meal in taste because it's not spicy at all (and Fitri commented it's not Bangkok Taste at all =P) ...

And Fitri chose,

Cat's tears for his beverage ... =P (RM2.70)

Plus Nasik Goreng Berempah Thai ... (RM6.00)

This one I like ... end up changing meals with Fitri =P

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