September 4, 2009

The Horror Thriller Winning

Ramadhan is not a boring and weary month to deal with ... To me, I don't like to take a nap during lunch time, what I do is nuzzling with newspapers in front of Dell's monitor. It's a sign! It's a sign! =P

Huhu ... One day, while I was pura-pura busy turning pages of the grisly nightmare newspaper, suddenly I found a "coffee shop killing"contest. Without wasting any air tebu, (as the saying for Ramadhan says, "time is air tebu" =P), I quickly resolved 2 questions about the horrific premonition thrill movie - The Final Destination and completed 1 sausage of slogan about their merchandise ....

As visceral thrill winner don't tell stories, SO I PUT THIS tengkorak ENOUGH LA K ... hihihi... ~

Amacam, ade bran??

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