April 25, 2009

Wonder Pets Blog With Hot Scripts

Salams ... It has been a long time since I've not update my blog. Actually I was too busy learning sumthing to assure this urban guerilla blog won't be boycotts in the future. I learned how to be an incredible blogger. Yea ... its all about blogger's big dent, coin-size's dent or without dent's etiquette. U know wut? My book says, to be a runaway success blogger, I musn't show my 'Belang' so much.

So, actually wut is OK for me to spell out in my blog?

The DO part :

1) Yes, I am permitted to express my wish to own a hydrogel lenses so that I don't have to remove it from my eyes everyday before bed. In other words, I can wear it forever. As wut Yazid AF7 trademark says - long term!!

The DON'T version :

1) I can't directly announce that I want all Muslim but free hair girls with 'huha' life to watch the Malay drama entitled, 'Suara Dari Kubur' on Astro and then ask them to change immediately.

In the other hand, if I want to be the best + hot blogger, I have to talk about the global polemics too. Even in the economic wise, in terms of career path, I can't give my boom idea for retrenchment workers to apply for the post of Marketing Exec at Magnum 4D Berhad via Jobstreet.com! Obviously, people might say that I'm not Wonder Pets at all! So, wut should I write instead? Please visit http://www.nst.com.my/ to catch more global problems.

Apparently, not all my beloved readers are among the same mind with similar narrow but out of the box medulla oblongata like me. So, to be fair, I have to colour my blog indigoly. Oh no, maybe make it to pink and white stripes better. Therefore, for locals celebrity column, I would say thank you and a very2 good bye2 to Amylea who was voted off popular 8TV's reality talent show One In A Million Season 3 on last Friday night. Hoping tonight I can see Aril with his outperform show in AF7 concert. To Nabil, I know how u feel when u hugged ur girlfriend, Irma Hasmie accidentally. A quarter of a very 'I Love U' feeling + sumkind of Pondok-pondok feeling + Ewah-ewah feeling a bit + last but not to forget, Jabatan Agama Islam Cawangan Genting's feeling<-- Haha, isn't this statement spontaneous? Yes, it isn't. =P

From the above clause which I stated that I chose "the pink and white stripes" colour to make my blog outrageous, I think u can see the real feminine of me in my heart. Of course Im a lady. But not to let down the boys readers, I have to talk about masculine things too. OMG, I can't talk about 18SX elements, even that is the first thing come into my cerrebellum! If I still act stubborn, this awesome blaberring blog won't stand a chance to get the Wonder Pets Award from Kak Engku. Phew ... Probably, I can write about car. Surely, the guys are better in explaining the technical parts of it. But alas, I will try to comment the first MPV from the national automaker, Proton Ezora in emotion wise :

"Pitiful to Proton Holdings Berhad, how can u aimed to take away sales from the Nissan Grand Livina when your MPV's design is not as gothic as that 'hearse'??"

Suddenly, I get a free kick from the book. Dush!

Enough. Ok, to all my blue - eyed readers, I don't want to be such a busybody and too crazy blogger. Even sometimes I have to be a whistleblower. I am now 27th years old. I wish 27 could turn me to be the best version of me. Wish me luck. Above are the pictures of my birthday present [Choco cupcakes and LG KS 360 handphone (Advance birthday present)] from my beloved hubby who is now more than 400 km away from me. Wish him safe travels. Miss him shoo much!

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