December 29, 2008

Double Prosperity For 2009

Mc'Donald:prosperity burger
Time passes really quickly and blink blink! It's new year again! Alhamdulillah, "Syukron" for His Blessings. We have celebrated our Islamic New Year 1430H on 29th December 2008. Salam Maal Hijrah to all Muslimin and Muslimat. May this year bring more happiness to all of you and we wish that the boat will sail well and smooth for you in this anticipated New Year.

But ... this year I haven't got much resolutions ... I just wanted some serenity for this year and celebrate it peacefully with hubby and families.

DF top 10 2009 pleasures:
1. First of all, we won't miss to do our romantic routine in having our favourite seasonal prosperity burger 6 times [3xbeef + 3xchicken] before the end of this offer.
2. Fitri ordered me to build my body more so that I won't get flirt by any desperate mans. (fewh!)
3. I ordered Fitri to demolish his practical routine in building his stomach in order to fit his pink shirt. (lallala...)
4. We want to have more times to cherish our loves together at beautiful places.
5. We toO wish that we will have our own junior.
6. As demand for our services grew, we decided to launch our own business this year.
7. I will improve my maturity in preparation to hold a higher position in my career level ;)
8. I wish Fitri to approve my wish - Adorable Townhouse. (he knows that I like rare & unique species of many things, but for some reasons, he won't let me go for it)
9. Fitri wish that I will approve his dream to overhaul his Harry. (Tak leh!)
10. We won't drink other kinds of coffee except Red Guara+Amazing Honey. =P


-ummu amin- said...

argghhhh... prosperity mmg sedap!! fav kiteorg jugak nih.. bila2 mkn tuh ajaklah kiteorg skali, leh borak2.. dah lama tak jmp.. btw, dh tryke double prosperity tuh?? harga dia boleh lepas 2 hari punya mkn :) :)

diha_fitri said...

ye ke...u all pon suke prosperity ek?!ok, nnt kita try double prosperity burger sama2,k. Uncle Fitri tu dh rindu kat Amin dh tue...=]