June 8, 2009

The Hurly-Burly Morning

IKEA cookware
One fine Monday morning when Ecah Kaspur, (I believed) was boringly in her car trapped in a traffic jam heading to her workplace =) ... Fitri and I was still in our house having our Monday blues fever together ...

It was 10 minutes to 9.00 a.m. It's getting late. I must hurry or else I'll be late to office. I entered my kitchen's space and found a pot of my favourite vegetables soup on the gas cooker. "Oh, I must reheat this mammamia soup this morning so that I can still enjoy the soup later in the evening." In the spur of time, my fingers quickly switched on the flame - A huge fire was good to faster the process. Hee ... hee ...

While waiting for the soup to boil, I grabbed the chance to open up the sliding windows near the kitchen, make sure the sink has zero dirty cups + plates and that brought me to the dining table - to check for any other cups left on it. On the other hand, I saw my Bidadari. "Oh no, I haven't take the herbal syrup yet." So I picked up a small plastic of teaspoon and slrrpp it for 2 rounds. Yummy!~

Suddenly Fitri sounded me, "Hurry!" So I replied, "I'm coming."

Hastily I put on my shoes and heading to our car offhandedly.

As usual, Fitri will send me first before he departed to his workplace.

* At my office. Lallala ... it was still early, everybody was hanging around while having their merry chit-chat hours. So I took out my mug to join them with a cup of tea and Cap Ping Pong's biscuits. Yippie!!!

Ting! My medulla oblongata alarmed something. Your favourite soup! Soup!! Soup!!! Flush.

Oh my God, without wasting any seconds, I rang up Fitri with empty feeling. "Please return to our home and switch off the gas cooker now!" NOW!!! I felt like I was making an annoucement via microphone.

I just waited for his call then. In my heart I wholeheartedly prayed for a safe condition and normal but very magic result. It has been more than half and hour. Plus the dramatic flame! Hopefully the fairy has a very efficient fireman team to save my things. =P

After not more than 15 minutes later, Fitri gave me a call. He described the results : The smells can be sniffed from the carpark. The smokes can be seen merrily danced all over the house. The IKEA pot has been 3/4 burned. The ladle which was parking in a 'macho' way on the pot was steadily liquefied by the heat. Don't expect anymore water in the pot ok. The carrots, potatoes and cauliflowers in the soup has turned to be black crunchy popcorns!

Alhamdulillah. The situation was still undercontrolled. We don't need team Pemburu Hantu to investigate more on this. Notwithstanding that was such a nightmare to me. The tragedy really made me phobia to cook (Fitri, pls buy me a Stove Guard - a great safety device fo a careless person =P). But Fitri's last words regarding this case to me will always linger in my mind : "I know you will only reheat food like your favourite soup only, but if it is a curry or others of my favourites, you will just ignore it."

Me : How come he did notice that??! Huh ...


arzlie-alya said...

blog kami xberjaya lagi even dh di servis oleh sifoo fit. cemana erk?
header 2 come out kt atas blog, bukan spt yg sptotnya.. =(

shasinchan said...

nape ye nama ecah tu kena sebut jgk?
bermakna k dha slalu mengingati ecah ye..
seb bek la umah tu k dha x perangat skali..klu x msti jd mcm periuk ngan segala isinya..
nape x pnskan je dlm microwafe?ehehehe
erm...kesian abg fit yek..
x adil btl ye abg fit k dha nie..

diha_fitri said...

aa ecah, nama org laen xsyok ... nak nama ecah gak, fofular g2. slamatla belanga tu, nak bawak masuk microwave xmuat ... ehehe

shasinchan said...

br pasan ecah eja nm microwave salah..
malunya..uhuk uhuk..
ok..xpa..nk ltk nm ecah,ltk ja..my pleasure

arzlie-alya said...

still xmemberi kesanla sifoo~