May 24, 2008

Kenapa NADIA tercorot??

akademi fantasiaLast night was a very amazing moment for me as my favourite AF6 student, Stacy has proudly won the competition successfully.
Actually I never being the voter for Stacy, I strongly believe that she will win without my vote. Yet she has proved that because she is a pretty real great performer. Yes, she was born with it!~
My hubby was quite in purple last night as her Nadia cannot get his favour of sms votes and eventually lose...This is truely planned by me. Syhhh...What I did? Aha...I hide his handphone. Without his knowing, I took his handphone and put it inside my pocket...HiHi...And My Mission --> To demolish the 'modus operandi' to AFUNDI NADIA to 32999 is easily accomplished...Huhu...

Why I did that?
Actually I don't agree NADIA to be the winner (even we both are sharing the same birthday) because :
1. she keep addressing herself as ADIK (hey, Stacy too at your same age, okay!)
2. always overdoing (+ perasan)
3. scandal amongst boys (first with Aliff, then turn to Riz after Aliff was eliminated)
4. "gedik" with Riz.
Last but not least, Nadia is my hubby's favourite AF student. Huh!(green eyes rupernyer...)

On the other hand, I was so angry last night when Adlin commented Toi in his way (very rude). He said that,"Saya still percaya dengan prinsip saya, yang bagus akan bagus dari minggu awal lagi persembahan konsert. And u Toi, just a 'filler' tonight." (tak berapa ingat ayatnya, tp mcm ni lah lebih kurang)

MasyaAllah, what a humpty dumpty sayings of that? Adlin, u know or not, what is the learning process?? He (Toi) is good because he deserves it, he learned and he has practised the theory and yet he becomes good. Why with no brain, u said that to Toi, Adlin? Stop showing ur idiotness, k!~(alamak,terlebih sudah!)

Then I started voting Toi because of the incident only. I want to prove that Toi still has his supporters, and the supporters won't never ever listen to Adlin's bad mouth!(Sorry!)

After all, to Stacy, u are such a kind and very humble girl, I'm proud of u. Congratulations, u GO GIRL!~

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