February 1, 2008

Question And Answer : Scoliosis

I am 9 weeks pregnant and have Scoliosis. Will it get bad?
Have scoliosis since i was little. Curve is 21 degrees (maybe not accurate but its the last measure the doc took)If i gain weight my back hurts... how can I deal with it later one in my pregnancy journey? Is there any kindda thing that you can put on you to help you minimize the pain? plz help.

Answer 1:
Best thing for you to do is discuss this with your doctor as far as pain management and stuff. And yes, if gaining weight hurts your back chances are it will hurt. I don't know if it will get worse or not, but even with a healthy back pregnancy can make it hurt near the end.

Aswer 2:
usually there is no affect on the pregnancy with people who have scoliosis, unless they take a DMARD such as methotrexate or sulphazalazine, I would consult your nearest Rheumatology department to find out.

Answer 3:
Get a big fat pregnancy belt. I have hip arthritis and bad back, these saved my life. They are hideously ugly, but will help ALOT. can get Rx from doc and have ins cover it too.

Answer 4:
u have to talk about it with Ur doctor, he will tell u what to do about it. Don't worry so much some people don't always have pain in the back when they pregnant....i didn't. I'm 36 weeks pregnant and gain a lot of weight but never had back pain, even now.Good luck to u with everything!!!

Answer 5:
Most woman can pull off having a child, you'll get through pregnancy with a little help from a back brace and the like...also utilize pregnancy pillows while you sleep.I have a friend who had a little girl and she is a congenital quad amputee, if Wendy can get through a pregnancy with no arms or legs any woman can get through one.

Answer 6:
It may put an extra strain on your back. But it shouldn't cause the curvature to get worse. You should let your doctor know. If you want pain meds let your anesthesiologist know you have Scoliosis, you might not be able to get an epidural. But, the pain isn't bad at all and there's other meds available, if you need them.

Answer 7:
I am 28 weeks pregnant and also have scoliosis. My back was fine til bout 4 or 5 weeks ago, now it hurts so bad! Mostly when im on feet or standing in one spot for too long. My doc said to take tylenol, sit down when possible, heating pad/ice packs. He also said it will just get worse :/

Answer 8:
I hear you! I have Scoliosis of the lower spine and a compressed upper spine. Add to that I have hip dysplasia! I've never put anything on really to minimize the pain - but I do depend on my body pillow and other pillows to make me comfortable when I lay down.Getting up is the worst part - I've taken to sleeping on the couch at night so I can use that to help pull myself up - instead of waking up the hubby every single time I have to use the bathroom or get up for the day. He works until late at night so I get up much earlier then him, and he's often not home when I need the most assistance. But he has to work to pay the bills - I've been off work since I was 24 weeks pregnant because of swelling and back/hip problems. I'm now 37 weeks pregnant.I do take Tylonel but it doesn't always work, only thing that has always worked for me for the pain is Aleve but since I became pregnant I cannot take that as it's not safe for baby.ADAM

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