September 16, 2010

Pak Jang and his Farmville (Part 1)

This so-called mystery stories were told to me and Fitri by Pak Jang on our last second day of Hari Raya while we were celebrating Eid ul-Fitr at Pak Jang's house in Kangar.

I feel like sharing the stories in my blog as the stories were quite interesting and fully based on his true experience many years ago.

My Pak Jang has a fruit farm at Jalan Bukit Ayer, Kangar. (Well, actually Im not quite sure about the location but it is somewhere in the forest there).

Pak Jang kickstarted his stories with his horror experience met 'Langsuir'. [*A Langsuir is a woman-like flying ghost with long hair and grotesque face (not too sure, I've never bumped into a langsuir =P)].

GambaQ apaa lah nie ... layaan jer lah !!

It's twilight zone. Mak Jang was busy preparing nasik for dinner at Dangau. [*A Dangau is a hut]. While Pak Jang was sitting on a stairway of that dangau facing to the outside view of the farm. Only two of them staying overnight at the dark, gloomy dangau in the forest. Suddenly Pak Jang heard a sound of a creepy cry of that creature. From far away, he saw flashes of lights through the big trees flew closer and closer to him when he tried to make fun of the sound.

A hut, which is not pizza hut.

Naseb baik Mak Jang xpeduli bunyi-bunyian tu, dia sibuk makan nasik kat dalam dangau. Lapar, setelah seharian membersihkan dusun. She only asked Pak Jang, "Apa tu?". But instead of bothering Mak Jang's question, Pak Jang was rushing of finding ways on how to expel the ghost away as the creature was seriously very close to their dangau at that moment. Pak Jang stressed =P

Without wasting any seconds, Pak Jang grabbed his mercun, burn it and threw it to that langsuir. But the mercun boomed before it touched the deadliest banshee. Luckily, maybe because of the bomb sound, the langsuir gone ...

Haish, naik bulu roma aku. Bersambung lagi nanti ...

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