February 5, 2010

The Registered Customer

It's not romantic here in gallery
Working, working in the office
I was left with Rose and confused
Oh lunch, lunch time already

Well now nobody's in the sales court - only Pak Guard
And made myself unboring
Went through the paper with disgusting issue for the week
You'll never know the abhorrence I felt
Reading, reading the Utusan front page

Suddenly I saw an old couple
Very sweet, hands in hands
"Suddenly I felt so romantic in the gallery"
I thought they wanted to buy a house
But I'm wrong =(

They headed directly to the hot beverage machine
Without saying hello to people around
Without been invited
They drank not one, but TWO CUPS of MILO or CHOC-O-CHINO
Oh, they were also having their lunch!

After double cups of that energy liquid mousse
Without saying goodbye
They left... (No Hi, No Bye)
And will come again tomorrow and tomorrow
until forever...

They can be called our no.1 regular customers
Because they will come and visit the gallery everyday
Without fail...
For that FREE beverages only
And left...


1) Gulping free water after 1/2 day work without 'Hi'
2)After got the energy, left without 'Bye2'

1 comment:

Fitri said...

tebal muka dia ya..brg free di gunakan sebaik mungkin sementara stok masih ada..hehe