January 22, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

Once upon a time in KL

This is a story about my happy marriage life. A happy marriage is a matter of giving and taking; the husband gives and the wife takes.

Early morning, after brushing my teeth, I merrily sit and start chit-chatting with my hubby without taking a bath. As my birthday is going to appear in a few months, I make a little request...

"Darling, I'm going to celebrate my birthday soon. Please present me with a new handphone for my 28th birthday this year. I'm so unhappy to celebrate this doomed age birthday, two years later I will become 30. You must present me with the best handphone in the world, ok! Or I will cry like vampire." Sighed.

I hate the age of 28 because of the round-up number will be 30. The 3 series of ages is going to enter frame. Well, if it is a BMW, you are welcome, but if it is wrinkles, pot belly and I will tend to become a Safi Rania Gold user, sorry! Please go away!!

I am so worry, worry if my husband will go away from me if I am not as beautiful as Snow White anymore. I am afraid if I will murder my husband over a Facebook snub because of jealousy. I am also afraid if I will turn into a tigress if my husband doing bad things behind me or he lied. I am so much afraid of that. Arghh!~

I notice that my husband is worrying about me too. He worries about the vampire cry that I will create as vampire and werewolf is somewhat similar. Having very scary voice. He also worries about the tiger show. Aumm!~

Beware of werewolf, sumtimes cute, sumtimes brutal

He promises that he will provides me with the material needs and hope that it will helps me during this transition period. I ask him what? "It's LG Chocolate phone (BL40), just because I want you to see things differently," he said.

As long as your love

You all know why? Yeap, because I like it longer. The longer the better I can catch my hubby. =P

Actually, I am a present user of brand X phone. But lately, I do find that this phone is always make me sick. I have a lot of stories to tell my husband during his outstation time but I can't text him easily. The worse part is, I can't see him in front of a mosque when he can't screen me the dome. Now, with longer LG phone, the problem is solved.

Well, I think this LG Chocolate phone is perfectly ideal as a special edition phone for husband and wife because ... It helps me to reduce stress when I reach a higher number of ages and control my jealousy feelings.

The longer u text, the romantic u are

1. It helps to motivate my husband to text me longer in attempt to describe what he does and where he goes in details (without secrets) as it has longer lcd shape with practical bonus function -> fully touch screen.

2. Via its unique, long shape 4-inch widescreen completed with a 5.0 Mega Pixel camera, I can see clearly more views and detect more objects behind my husband's body during 3G or MMS communications and simultaneously swipe away the feelings of insecurity and unrest.

3. With longer phone in shape, it helps to delegate a bigger power vibration alert to my husband even he is busy walking, running or jumping ... Excuses of not alert my calls will not be accepted anymore.

4. Furthermore, the phone looks : glossy, sleek and thin like a supermodel - will affect my style too. I will always look young and hot when using it! The priceless part is I will stay be my husband's Snow White and the mirror-mirror in the wall will automatically renew my beauty pageant's contract.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, tQ for renewing my contract

And Snow White lives happily ever after with the prince

Well, the 4 criterias really impress and satisfy me much. I married Mr. Right, so hopefully LG Chocolate can be the right phone for me to live with my Mr. Right happily ever. Till then, thank you LG!

Life Good

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