January 27, 2010

Meet The Developer

Aloo, this is wut I have for tonite. I guess it's a good news for those who really serious in searching for their own comfortable home in 2010. But the not good news part is I have to work on dat day (this upcoming weekend). Must be shoo boring =(

Nevamind, I'll always think unnatural ... =P

Okay, for those who miss me, u can come and meet me on dat day. I will make ur day with lots of interesting programmes n shows. Ce ke dout yolz!

My first line-up programme is :

Makan2 wit de light refreshment food specially brought to u by Kak Ros. I confirm, everybody is waiting for my blanja mkn time kan? So, ape lg? Do grab it dat day la. All I blanja ... mai mkn saja ... haha.

Secondly, I think I wanna bring uolz jln2 tgk the green2 township. Wut r the fascinating part of it and how fresh is the air ... While sightseeing, we can do sum milipede tracking too. Waa ... so exotic ha the activity? Come on n join me lah ... amacam, ade bran? haha.

The third but not least one is I wish to have some piccas wit uolz but not to forget, together wit the clowns. Haha, we also have balloon scuplting clowns on dat day, who I pretty confirm will be shoo boring too. Hihihi.

So. Let's play around together gather, k.

Three hundred thousand plus plus

The King of Township

So, ladies n gents, u r invited to tag along for the launching event of AVIRA (Actual unit are now open for viewing) at Bandar Bukit Raja. The details are as follows :

Date : 30th & 31st January 2010

Time : 10am - 5pm

Venue : Actual Unit at Site. No. 37, Jalan Makyong 3A/KU5, Bandar Bukit Raja.

See ya there!~

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Shida said...

What a beautiful house...