May 2, 2009

Weekend's Hot Breakfast

hot couple on board
Morning ... Hello readers. I have three hot announcements for your eyes' breakfast today.

1. Hotlink Will Gives 11 Months Bonus To Their Staffs

I can smell the plan ... I can spot the drama. Astro is always like that. To me, it wasn't a surprised but yet it was definitely the best idea.

Last night, when AC Mizal announced that the 2 contestants namely, Claudia and Aisyah have been voted off AF7, Principal Tiara suddenly got up and acted like she was unsatisfied with the result. Tiara did checking the card that written the two names of the unlucky stars from AC and then referred that again to the judges in charged. Dramatically, without wasting any minutes, she climbed up the stage and announced that she has the Veto ... she then made a big announcement :


So readers, do play your roll now. AFMASUK Aril AF7 ok ... Tomok, please sponsor ... *lalalla ...

2. Air-cond Manufacturers Are Going To Get Richer and Richer

Malaysia's weather is reported very hot lately, it's predicted to be sunny days ahead for the coming 5 months. April was a torrid month as it was the intermonsoon period, coupled with the sun being overhead the Equator. The highest temperature recorded from April 1-28 was 36 degrees Celcius.

So, sunny days are expected from this month till September, with temperatures between 31 and 34 degrees Celcius, according to the Meteorological Department.

So guys, please take note. Do drink a lot of water everyday and avoid too much outdoor activities, k.

3. Cicak-Man Movie Now Become Reality

The H1N1 virus (Influenza A), which is identified to have killed more than 100 people in Mexico last week is being trusted coming from a man called 'Professor Klon'. I suspected that there must be something behind this agenda, so I started my own investigation and discovered that this 'Professor Klon' is not only the creator of such virus, but also has more sinister plans up his sleeve, backed by his business partners, the 'Ginger Boys'. He is planning to get better income during this economic downturn situation when the vaccine seems to come only from this 'Professor Klon' too.

So guys, help me to embark on a mission to bring down this 'Professor Klon' and the 'Ginger Boys' before this global pandemic visits Malaysia, ok.

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