May 19, 2009

The New Power Of My Eyes

silicone hydrogel contact lenses
Last Monday after work, I accompanied with Fitri went to optometrist centre. Actually I just wanted to buy a new contact lenses to replace my expired one. So to avoid jam, we decided to go to the nearest outlet at Subang Perdana commercial centre. We dropped in at one of the optometrist centre there, namely Utama Optometrist.

At first, I just wanted to ask for the Acuvue. Impulsively, I was attracted to get an eye test for my eyes when I saw the outlet was quite comfortable. Moreover, I just wanted to check my eyes' conditions after more than a year I haven't checked my eyesight.

The optometrist checked my eyes using the machine first for a quick results - automatic mode. Then she (a Malay girl) asked me to sit on another chair where I needed to wear a special frame. The frame looked like a robotic spectacles. I felt like I am Asimo, a Honda's robot when I wore this cranky thing. But actually, this is the method for a manual eye test which is more accurate.

She tested me through various lenses in the special frame to check for defects of my vision in order to prescribe corrective lenses. I have be shown patterns of lights and she did ask me to say which ones I can see. Then she asked me to read letters on a chart. Each of my eyes was tested separately.

After 5 minutes time, the results was ready. I was diagnosed to have greatly increased the defects of my eyes. Previously, the power was -400 in the left eye and -425 in the right with a slight amounts of astigmatism. But to date, I have teribbly made my left eye to -525 and my right eye to -550 with a larger amounts of astigmatism! (Shortsightedness)

The optometrist prescribed me to buy a new brand of contact lenses with toric function. But I refused to buy the toric one as when I tried to see outside using the normal lenses it didn't show any differences. So I just bought a normal silicone hydrogel contact lenses which is quite new to the market. The brand's name is Air Optix Aqua, a CIBA Vision new products. The advantage of the product is I can wear this lenses longer hours - 18 hours a day compared to my former brand I used, Acuvue which I can only wear for 8 - 12 hours a day.

Besides that, the Air Optix Aqua also provides an advanced combination of oxygen and moisture for a healthy, natural feeling. Now, I don't need to remove my lenses for a nap during lunch break anymore!~

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arzlie-alya said...

uish....tebai tahap lasik dah nie..
aku menten lagi 4.00 + 4.25
=) bila nk blek? tggu aku due dulu la kot?