May 8, 2009

Abah 58th Birthday Surprise

Shuhaida Seafood Restaurant
Its began in a car, when I was talking about the month of May with Fitri ... Actually, there are many events for me and Fitri to remember in this fifth month of a year. On the spur of the moment, Abah's birthday came into his mind. To me, this added another events in my diary for May :

7/5 - Abah's birthday
10/5 - Mother's Day (2009)
12/5 - My Ba passed away
*23/5 - Adlin Aman Ramli's tie the knot =P
25/5 - Our wedding anniversary & Kak Naza's birthday

Excitedly, we planned to throw a birthday surprise for Abah on that day - Wednesday, 6/5/2009.

So Fitri contacted Kak Naza that afternoon. Transparently, its a good idea as we were all on leave that day. Then we're all agreed to celebrate it on the day although Abah's birthday was actually the day after, 7/5.

At first, I suggested for dinner at the D'Serai Restaurant, a JJCM's choice of restaurant at Shah Alam on last week's episode. Alas, we cannot trace the location. We try to search for the outlet's address on net but it failed. At last, we found Shuhaida Seafood Restaurant at Seksyen 13, Shah Alam.

We had a very nice sumptuous dinner at this restaurant. Fitri and I ordered one set of Thai cuisine for family (7 pax) which consisted of one Tomyam Seafood, Sweet and Sour Siakap, Deep Fried Squid, Beef with Oyster Sauce, Manggo Kerabu, Thai Kai Lan with Salted Fish and Special Water Chestnut Dessert. Its finger lickin' good. The price was definitely cheap and value for money. The ambience was relaxed and cosy too! :)

To make it surprise, Kak Naza didn't tell Abah about this dinner earlier. So Abah as usual has taken his dinner at very much early in the evening. Later after Maghrib when Kak Naza asked him to come and join us for the dinner, he was surprised.

Nothing to worry, Abah was sporting, he managed to chow down all the delicious food steadily. Well done, Abah! He looked so happy. Throughout dinner, he kept telling stories about his 3 childrens' naughty life during childhood. He described Kak Naza as Ninja Warrior, my Fitri as McGyver and Aliyah as the Little Mermaid. The story was like a tougue and cheek to me. I can't stop smiling.

Before farewell, we presented Abah an Arab robe sponsored by our DFChannel® boutique. Sorry, I couldn't upload the pictures here because we didn't get the chance to snap a photo of it before it was delivered to Abah. Anyway, we hope Abah will love it. *S.M.I.L.E*

Actually, that small celebration was in conjunction with 2 events, one was Abah's birthday and another one was Mother's Day. So here, I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Abah and Happy Mother's Day to Mak (MIL) and the most unforgettable person in life, my beloved Mak in Penang. We LOVE U SO MUCH!

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