April 30, 2009

I Can't Wait To See Him

my darling
After a fortnight's outstation, I can't wait to see my Fitri back tonight. He is on the way right now. Maybe he has transformed himself into a bear or probably he has became as cute as Pinocchio. I just can't wait. *Suspend*

The first thing I want to do is I want to hug him. I want to let him know that he is my real bolster. The full of his pheromones with free map's bolster that he left is not responsive at all. I want him to hear my true story life without my bolster is too excrucriating. I am not as independent as Nasha Aziz who is really enjoy staying home alone and doing what she wants!

I can't do what I want :
1. I have to skip pressing the tv remote to Astro Prima when the channel is extravagantly showing the horror, creepy, phantom programme like Nek Nak, Expose Mistik and Ponti Anak Remaja even that are all my favourite tv programmes!

2. I need to close all the house windows before twillight zone without fail eventhough actually I love watching sunset. This is so because I need to avoid 'guilty feeling' at very night.

3. I must go to bed earlier than usual so that I won't get proposed by the misery frightful moment of 12.00pm onwards.

4. I'm bored dining my awful cooking.

5. Since I have to drive my own car to work after Fitri went for travels, I do sometimes have to park at the very green and shady place which is under a huge tree. But unfortunately it caused my Mickey (Diha's car nickname) to have a jacuzzi shower bath after being smashed by the birds' dung. Although this point is not clarifying things that I can't do when Fitri is away but the important thing now is where are the chupachup birds?? I need to do something to that specific category of fauna!!!

By all means, in 4 hours time, InsyaAllah Fitri will arrives home safely and see Mickey welcomes him cordially with flowers of birds' dung on his body. Luckily, tomorrow is a public holiday. Don't worry Mickey, we will have a visit at the Spa-Q tomorrow morning, k. Happy Labour Day to all!

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eimma"s said...

huhu..hubby ima pg sabtu baru smpai... :(