November 8, 2008

When Yoga Is Banned

yoga is banned I don't want to talk about yoga...Me too. I don't ever interested to practice the steps which I fully believe, you won't ever get sweat by doing that slow motion action. So...

Let's go jogging....

  • No more Sendayu Tinggi! Jogging is probably the easiest way you can burn those calories and reduce fat deposits and it is also the most ignored. People tend to go for high tech gym workouts but easily forget that a simple running exercise like jogging can help them get far more benefits than any hard workout can. Here are some important jogging tips for yall.
  • "The Fresh Prince Of Bell-Air." The best time to jog is in the morning. So set your alarm and wake up around six in the morning. If you find that difficult, make it 7 am. But beyond that you will not be able to get the maximum benefit of jogging. This is because early in the morning, the air is fresh and the oxygen content in the air is high. When you jog in the mornings and gasp for breath your lungs are filled with oxygen which is needed to burn off calories. As the day progresses, the oxygen content in the air reduces and thereby you lose something you could have so easily got if only you got up a few hours early. So as a first jogging tip, make it a habit to go to bed early and walk up early. Try to keep two alarms. One to go off at 6.00 AM giving you a signal that it is time to wake up in another hour and another to go at 7.00 AM when it is time to get up and go for jogging. You can also use indoor jogging track but the best way to go jogging is by going out of your house in the open. The beach is a good place to jog, but the best place is a garden with plenty of trees. These areas are rich sources of oxygen early in the morning.
  • Sky Juice Will Do. Jogging can be made more beneficial by drinking a lot of fluids, especially water. After getting up in the morning do not eat anything. Just wash your mouth and drink at least half litre of sky juice. Don't drink too much as you will have difficulty running. Make sure that you do not eat anything and leave the stomach empty. If you feel too tired, you can carry along some fruit juice that you can drink on the way. Citrus fruit juices are the best.
  • "Lompat Si Katak Lompat." Before you start to jog, warm up your body. You can do this by skipping or jumping in the same place. Sit-ups and stretches are also a good way to warm up your body. Once you feel energetic, start to jog slowly. Do not jog for more than a kilometer for beginners. You can slowly increase the area you jog as the days progress and your body gets used to the jogging schedule.
  • I Have My 5 Years Old Tracksuit. While jogging, wear something lightweight. Do not put on tight pants. Keep it loose. This is because, your body will sweat as you jog and loose clothes will ensure proper perspiration. Keep in mind that the more you perspire the better. Take it as a sign that your body is burning down those calories and fat.
  • Semput. If you are just starting out, then chances are that you might feel too tired at times. If this happens, stand or sit down in one place and practice deep breathing. Inhale deeply and fill up your lungs with air. Drink energy fluids like fruit juices. This will help you get back on your feet and jogging in less time.
Everybody knows that jogging is healthy. But unfortunately it’s not always fun, because systematical repetition of the same sport activity can be bored one. Here are some tips to make your jogging more exciting :
1. Do chase all the children in the playground
2. After that, let the children chase you back (fair wut??)
3. Tired? You can relax by committing a landing pose like Shah Rukh Khan and Aisywarya Rai in Hindustan film on the green grass
4. Furthermore, if there's a group of wild dog, do throw them with a few sticks and stones. This must be the most adventure time to do your runnings!

So until then.. happy jogging! =P


redanna said...

hahahhahhaha, ur good advise and funny indeed... but good idea, except the wild dog chase part!!! i wouldnt dare!!!

violet said...

hi redanna, rather than communicate with floras, by throwing sumkind of floras' things to the dogs will be a creative idea on how to SAY HI to the faunas...why don't give a try? huhahuha...