October 23, 2008

Say Hi To Mercedes Benz

I sometimes having lunch at my home sweet home as my house is just a click away from my office. So, as usual, today at about 1pm, I go out from my office to get my car. For yall info, actually I'm a speed racer when I hold car stereng. I tend to forget where is the car brake and moreover, I won't let gear 1 & 2 to control my car. Even at the very first step on the throttle!

So, I started up to boost the rpm higher and higher. When I reached at one of the T-Junction which was just in front of my office, my Mickey (my car's nickname) suddenly became crazy, yup, crazier than his driver! Mickey was very fast and greedily took turn to the right path. Simultaneously, his driver heard a long loud horn (Piiiiiiing....piiiinggggggg). Suddenly, his driver saw a silver huge but friendly steel with plate many 8 in numbers was steadily in front of her Mickey. Then, now only (very seldom), I remember where the car brake is. As the object was so near, Mickey did approve me to several time pump his pedal brake. Phew!~
Mickey was very just in front of that car. Both Mickey and the Mercedes remained staring at each other for quite a few seconds. And actually Mickey needs a few seconds too to directly kiss the Merz dramatically. Oh no. Don't you ever practise what me and my hubby had done in you, Mickey! Don't. There's no love in your world, k. Yes, I know that Merz, which you called Barbara is your part time lover, but this is not the right time, k. In fact, there's no time for that at all, my dear Mickey!! Oh, pls...

Last but not least, thanks to Mickey for giving me this true experience. But I still feel that tragedy as an ordinary treat from Mickey to me. I think, I would forget again where is the brake in another driving. (Ask any racer, any real racer. It doesnt matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning's winning). Whatever, enough Mickey, don't proceed with any kind of romantic touch, SAY HI is truly pretty good enough to your Barbara, ok. Now, I recognize your Barbara, which you always dream to meet. I hope you will satisfy. PEACE.

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