August 5, 2008

Is Superman A Great Husband To Lois?

Yes, because Superman is asuperman
1. Good looking. With that square jaw, big muscles, and all-revealing spandex, women go weak in the knees when Superman's around.

2. Understands the Agony of Runs in Stockings. Think that spandex maintains itself?

3. Super powers. Every woman wants a man who can protect her. Superman's steel bending toughness and laser beam eyes can punch through any obstacle.

4. He Can Turn Back Time. Just in case you had any last minute errands that needed to be done.

5. Intelligence. When he's not out saving the world, mild-mannered Clark Kent is a sharp reporter with the ability to turn a sharp phrase.

6. No Problem Opening Jars. Obviously.

7. Secret Identity. With all those other women batting their eyes at your man, you can be secure that they will never be able to figure out the identity of that mysterious man. Also, what woman does not love a little mystery?

8. Caring. Lois Lane never has to worry about whether or not anyone would rescue her. Superman is always there whenever she needs help.

No, he's not!
Because Superman :
1. Is never around when trouble starts!
2. Runs out in the middle of talking!
3. Is very secretive!

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