July 24, 2008

Aidil "Fitri" Home Makeover !~

kain langsirIt's almost the end of Rejab, in two months time, we will celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri and as a wife, of course I am pretty concern of my house improvement and d├ęcor. I haven’t really got much time to go shopping for a whole new sitting room set or paint my house from top to bottom. So, what should I do to impress the hordes of friends and business associates who are bound to drop in at my Raya open house? I can’t possibly have them over with the house looking just the same as it did last year, can I? They’re not going to understand that with my frenetic schedule, I just didn’t have the time. If this is the situation you’re in, apa nak buat? So I decided to change my feature wall into a new look, my hubby suggest to paint it with olive colour, but to me, it will make our room looks darker and gloomy. So, we still keep on selecting which colour is the best to suit our room. Any suggestions?
This 2008 is our second time celebrating Hari Raya together as a loving married couple. So we choose silver as our theme colour for this year. I wish to have a new theme curtain for my house. So I bought some fabric with the millenium theme colour. As we have planned to decorate our paradise as clean and simple manner as Zen style, so I have choose the best suitable design of fabric for our curtain : "It involves little color, simple lines, and minimal amounts of things in the design." I guess that would be real simple panels that do not look fussy or fancy on the windows."
What is the Zen style? Zen means meditation in Japanese. When people think of a Zen style in interior decorating, they normally think of a room that provides a calm and quiet environment. Due to the highly stressful lives that many people live these days, a calm home retreat can provide just the type of atmosphere one needs at the end of a busy day. It's more than a word though. Zen reflects balance, harmony and relaxation. And that's not the same as dull and boring!
That’s it, then. Two ideas for a quick lift to my home. We try to avoid over-decorating and clutter to hommy. And that's why we go for a Zen style, which is a good start in creating our own soothing and calm paradise. All inspired by Zen!~

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