April 19, 2008

Diha's Greatest Life

I’m thankful for everything that Allah has given to me
the golden heaven that I own, the one great lover that always be by my side
I’m thankful for everything that Allah has tested me with
the tears of sadness, the smiles, the confusion, the happiness, the success, the wealth
I’m thankful for the opportunities that Allah has blessed me with
the ability to think outside the box, the ability to be Mrs. Fitri
I’m thankful for the people that Allah has allowed me to meet, my family, my friends
those that I love dearly, and those that I want to get to know, and those that may hate me
I’m thankful for life’s little blessings that we miss with the blink of our eyes
seeing, touching, tasting, hearing, smelling, and breathing
I consider this is the most important than the rest
I’m thankful for my husband, he teaches me not to be so 'degil'
I’m thankful for my late father, my mom, sisters and brothers, they are a part of me
I’m thankful for the ability to express myself even if limited
I’m thankful for the ability to be open minded about so many things
hoping to become more open minded, without relinquishing my principles
I’m thankful for being in Islam but I hope to prove it to Him better
I’m thankful for the cup of tea and biscuits today
and the 'cempedak goreng' that I dearly missed after watching 'pencak akhir' last night, and for a plan to buy a book entitled Bahasa Melayu Penulisan for PMR that I’m excited over tomorrow
I’m thankful for my streamyx, I can check my friendster every single minute and
I pretty love reading books for free, haha
I’m thankful for being a muslimah
I’m thankful for a few good friends, I do have them to add the nutmeg into my life
I’m thankful for our pets...Ichiro, my hubby's meow
our harry, our mickey, our view from our home, our washing machine.
I’m thankful for sardine and anchovies
Can’t forget the clean toilets!
I’m thankful for the ease Allah gave to us after having our car been kissed and our pc's monitor going to sleep forever…once upon a time at Orkid
I’m thankful for never dying and rebonding my Alana's hair… completely.
I’m thankful for Astro… what would I do without tv?
I’m thankful for the always online in Yahoo Messenger, my sister and my future brother in law that inspire me and make me question myself more
I’m thankful for having a dedicated teacher, my elder sister
I’m thankful for your email that I missed (yes I mean you)
and the friendship we’ve had and hope we will continue having and improving
I’m thankful for having so much in life…petrol, electricity, water, time, sleep and food
I’m thankful for all the colors especially orange and green (the house telephone and the cute seat) which makes the corner looks better
I’m thankful for my legs that I am able to walk with
and thankful for not falling victim to the ridiculousness of harry potter and star wars and lord of the… what???
I’m thankful for people that care - my family in law
I’m grateful for so much more, Alhamdulillah.

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