April 30, 2008

The Chrysanthymum Story

bunga ChrysanthymumFinally, I put on my second effort to fill in our blog. Hehe =P
For those who don't know me, actually I'm a tea lover. I prefer to drink tea instead of coffee. And that is my secret why my teeth looks much more pretty white like Colgate models!~
I drink almost all kind of tea. Jasmine tea, green tea, black tea, earl grey, ice lemon tea, peach tea, chrysanthymum tea (well done, i can spell it correctly!) and lots of other teas. I love drinking tea because of the aroma, very fresh.

The first time I try to enjoy drink coffee was after I was married. oO..oO...Ya, it happened when I went to visit

some of my husband's relatives' and his friends' houses.
Actually, I still feel awkward to sip a cup of coffee but in order not to make them feel weird, I have to finish the drinks, of course! Before this, I will avoid coffee like crazy. Huhu...

Do you know why I like jasmine and chrysanthymum tea more? This is because, it helps my body to have a pretty good fragrance smell like the flowers! And this is one of the reason why my husband love me very much, btol x cayunk? Hihi...Believe or not??Try it out baybeh!~

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