March 18, 2008

Sawah Padi ke Kilang Padi ??

this video was taken when we went for travelling around Permatang Pauh, my wife hometown.. sajer jalan amik angin tgok sawah padi after 1 week of election, emmp sawah padi ker?? heheh..we was in Penang for 3 merciful days & 2 beautiful nites for a 20% of cuti2 Malaysia programme..=P Hoho...Actually we got to attend my sis in law engagement ceremony...tapi sori la coverage for that event xder..coz xdak mood la time tu nk shoot !~ Dah ader senapang gajah menembak masa tu..HeHe..but for a "cool relax collection" shoot still ader ..kindly click at our photos to view it..

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